Leo, december 2012

Do you know what’s cool about being a musician? You never know what is going to happen tomorrow. I know, that sounds kind of “cliche”, but everyday I realize how real this is.

This thing of writing what is happening to me with the music and stuff has been very useful for me, and it has transformed to something like a diary.


Last month we recorded 4 songs in a demo-format: that is very good for us, because this way we have an aproach of what we already have, and it becomes a powerful tool to work on it, and make several arranges in the future. We worked in “Casa-Rock“, a very comfortable-acoustic studio, with enough equipment to make a demo sound itself.

It took us a whole day of work, and it ends very well! (We rehearsed a lot for over a month, to prepare ourselves for record, and make the main ensemble-arrangements). We are working now in other 4 new songs, to make the same thing: to record a demo-album, and finally make the first part of our 2-CD record, “The Sound of The Collusion Pt. 1”.

The whole album-production could begin in April 2013. We hope we can record the new 4-songs-demo in february-march, and have enough time to work on this 8 tracks, and plan a realistic calendar to make this hughe project (maybe, the most ambitious of our carreeer): recording, mixing, mastering, etc.

At the same time, we finally published our first Live In Studio album, “Histeria Estructural” (Structural Damage). You can listen to it for free, HERE. Some kind of christmas present for all our fans in the world 🙂

We are almost done with the DVD, that we expect to publish on January 2013. I saw the first aproach of the finished video, and I thought: “my god! this is really good!”. So, just a little patience, it will be available on youtube soon.
This whole idea of making just a Live in Studio album grew a lot because of the infinite motivation of Giovanni Longo (friend, and director). Now, “Histeria Estructural” is a documentary that shows the reality of a chileand band, inmerse in the context of a music-inustry at the end of the world -Chile-. It will have in-english subtitles 😉


Since November, i’ve been working in a pop-band called “Los Submarinos” (The Submarines), playing the bass. It has been very nice to me, because it’s been a while since the las time I performed like a bass-player on a band: something that I definitely missed this whole time 🙂 (You can look for my bass work on MRJP)

This January we will work hard to record a Live in Studio album. This band was born a few years ago, but it never had the sound it has right now. So, we decide to record how we sound as a quartet now (bass, drums, vocals, guitar). Maybe 9 or 10 simple songs, about love, and other issues, with a “pop-rock” of the ’80s style.

Because of all this activity, I was forced to leave over my personal music project. Maybe I will produce a record next year; maybe in May, hopefully the first semester.


3 thoughts on “Leo, december 2012

  1. Lelo!!! You´re writting in english! That´s sooooooooo cool! Bienvenido al mundo multilengual! 🙂 Now I´m following you so I´ll be tottttttttally in touch! Love! Ale,

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